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Lucky in Winter November 28, 2010

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I had to laugh at my fortune cookie message the other day, “You will be lucky in the winter.”  How limiting. So am I screwed come spring and summer? I have always liked winter more than summer. The hunkering down by the fire with a cup of hot tea, watching movie after movie and not feeling guilty about staying inside, lots of candles.

On a date in Tokyo some twenty years ago, my date bought me a palm reading.  Some guys buy flowers others fortune telling.  The palm reader said I was very lucky.  The translation came out as, “You have the kind of luck where if you miss your flight, that airplane will crash and everyone will die.”  Wasn’t really sure how to take it, but liked the idea of being “lucky”. Who doesn’t like the idea? Who wouldn’t want to be lucky?

I won $60 bucks once at my college boyfriend’s baseball game and that was even before my palm reading.  At Bunco a few months back I won the “big cash prize”.  I hit all green lights this afternoon driving across town.

If I am going to be lucky this winter, I’m off to a good start the last few weeks of autumn.  I am married to a man I’m still in love with, have my health, like my children on most days and always seem to get a good parking spot. I already have my annual winter cold almost gone and winter solstice is still a few weeks away. I have my sanity, for the most part, food in the fridge, and a darling family to sit down to dinner with in our warm home.  This lucky girl is quite blessed.

Get out the gloves, make hot cocoa, chop onions for the soup…bring on winter, I’m feelin’ lucky.

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “Lucky in Winter”

  1. Sue Says:

    We are the lucky ones to have you in our lives! You have the gift of putting our thoughts into beautiful words. Thank you for your love and friendship.

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