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Beach Angels — Angels Part II December 1, 2010

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I have a framed photograph of me standing by myself, but I’m not alone.

After officiating a wedding for friends in Jamaica, enjoying the reception, the groom’s sister tapped me on the shoulder, Do you believe in ghosts?

I have never seen one myself but yep, I believe.  And I prefer to call them spirits.

I guess for me seeing is not believing when it comes to angels.  It’s just a good feeling I get deep in my soul.

Well, the picture I took of you on the beach before the ceremony, down by the water, there are ghosts in the picture.

Cool, I so want to see that.

Well, dancing began, celebrating was at hand, so I never saw the photo that night.

Back home, a couple of weeks after the wedding a package was delivered to my door.  Inside a Tiffany’s box was a lovely silver frame with the photograph.  There I am smiling big and cheesy completely unaware that I wasn’t alone.  There were indeed white, ghost like images surrounding me.  Five shapes.

Some could argue they were reflections off of the lit Tiki torches, a glare from the moon, a mistake.  The digital camera used to take the photo didn’t produce other photos with “ghosts”.  Just the one photograph.  Me and my posse.

Since I am not one who needs to “see” in order to “believe” in this instance, I’m in. 100%. Why wouldn’t there be spirits around me, around any of us?  I believe simply because I know what I was feeling the moments leading up to that picture being taken.

I was gathering my thought away from the “before wedding cocktail party” quieting my mind, getting centered in my beautiful Jamaican beach surroundings when the father of the bride approached me.  He too would be saying some words during the ceremony.  He inquired about my “church”, since I was the “minister” for the weekend.  And that is when I gave all my power away and dropped my confidence.  “I’m just a stay-at-home mom, I’m a Reverend of the internet.”  Although not a religious man, that made him uncomfortable. He wanted to be sure his daughter would be officially married.  Little did he know that matter was already taken care of by a judge in Chicago.  I can officially marry folks it just has to be done in the state I reside.

Needing a boost of confidence, I found my husband and our friends.  Encouraging words gave me what I needed, then I sought solace down at the water.  In my own way I sought guidance and believed God would guide me through the wedding ceremony.  I started to feel nervous.  Good nervous and buoyed by my surroundings.  That is when the groom’s sister, asked to take my picture.

So do I believe in angels? You bet and if you need to see to believe, I got a picture to prove it.

by J.G. McGlothern


3 Responses to “Beach Angels — Angels Part II”

  1. deneive Says:

    Angels give hope feelings of optimism & belief in times of need
    arent to be used lightly how do we summon a Angel
    when is it the correct time
    I have never seen a Angel
    I think people where I am living could do with a Angel
    have you any knowledge of this subject how to contact the spirit

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