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The Collection — Angels Part III December 2, 2010

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I collect angels. Not the chubby cherub kind, all cutesy, more the rustic, unique, old fashioned type.  I have one from Michigan, Germany, all over, even Ballard.  Some gifts, some as purchases I couldn’t live without.

Last night out to dinner with long time girlfriends I was given a gift.  A unique angel gift not only to add to my collection, but one I am wearing now around my neck.  The charm is a small pewter box and when you open the lid three small angels come out.  Symbolizing the three of us around the table and our deep friendship, or perhaps the words it came packaged in: kindness, love and faith or perhaps symbolizing a few of the many angels I believe we all have with us.

I once visited an energy healer who immediately asked me if I was aware of the four “guides” standing behind me.

Uh, no, not aware, I said turning around and only seeing the back of the grey leather recliner and a pale yellow wall.

We all have twelve guides, like Guardian Angels, who are with us throughout our lives, she told me. They come and go as we need them.

I was comforted not disturbed, curious, not scared, completely warmed by the idea.

Some may read this and not want to read on chalking it up as hokey, weird, totally nuts.  Others may immediately relate and have their own personal encounters where they have turned around, perhaps seen something, felt something, experienced in their own way, a Guardian Angel.

I believe in the power of one God, however with that said, there is a lot of work to be done and if we all get a band of 12 on our side, that has just got to make us all feel better.  At least lighter.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “The Collection — Angels Part III”

  1. Hi JG. I’ve been collecting angels, too, since Christmas 1993 when I bought the first of only 4 I’ve ever purchased myself; the rest have come from cherished friends every year for my birthday or Christmas. The first one I bought, Ann Jelly Bean (if you say it fast 5 times, you’ll get the name’s irony, uttered by a southern Baptist preacher at a funeral I attended once) hangs from the rear view mirror of my car, protecting my travels. From one writer/blogger to another, I thoroughly enjoy your posts and appreciate your perspective thoughtful perspective. Thanks! Happy Holiday, and many blessings to you day by day. xo, Diana

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