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Make Room — Grieving Part II December 9, 2010

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Take time to clean out, so new things can come in. That’s what my yoga instructor said to us at the end of class yesterday morning.

I had been away, on purpose, from hot yoga for six weeks. I waited until my body craved it again. In the heat and doing all the poses, it felt like I had been away a lot longer than six weeks, it was good to be back.  Just as it was good to be away from it. I needed to create some space and make room for others things, besides yoga, and now I see how I need yoga back in my routine.  We change, we have different needs, allowing time to evaluate what you need is vital, instead of just going about our routines without paying attention to how we feel about them.

When we are grieving over whatever, a death, a divorce, a friend, a dream — we need to acknowledge our sadness, our fear, even our joys over the change before we can make room for other relationships and new dreams to come into our lives. Allow space. Stop. Do nothing. Observe.  And oh yes, breathe.

What do you need to make room for in your life? Is there something you need to grieve but instead have rushed to fill that space or turned your back to avoid it?

Make room for laughter, make room for tears, then watch what comes into your life once you have cleared out the cobwebs.

by J.G. McGlothern


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