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Sing Loud December 19, 2010

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In the movie Elf, actor Will Ferrell tells us in his character role as Buddy the Elf, The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to sing loud for all to hear.

In a few hours my family will be doing just that. In our new family tradition, tonight for the second year in a row we will gather with friends and do just as Buddy suggests, Sing loud for all to hear.  Dressed in Santa hats and reindeer antlers we will hit the streets and carol in the hood. It is true what Buddy the Elf says, it is impossible to be in a glum mood when you sing Christmas songs.  I’m not in a glum mood but others can be for I am fully aware that the holidays can be hard for many – uncomfortable feelings resurface, bad memories emerging.  Until I had children, Christmas was not my favorite.  Bad Christmases past needed to be put away for good and new traditions celebrated.

What would happen for those who don’t love the season if like Buddy they ate lots of sugar, sang loudly and smiled? Would the little annoyances vanish with any sadness?

All you can do is Deck the Halls, Jingle those Bells and Hark like an Angel to find out.  For it’s the little moments, the sounds and smells of the season, the small wonders that can bring out Buddy the Elf in all of us.  And singing loudly is pretty much a guarantee to scarring those bad memories back under the stairs and making room for a bit of cheer.

 by J.G. McGlothern


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