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My Favorite Things December 24, 2010

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Every other Christmas we load up the kids, the dog, stuff the car and  head to the other side of the state.  On the other side of the mountains one can pretty much be guaranteed a White Christmas.

Here we are this year, with my husband’s side of the family, surrounded by horses, acres and acres of snow, and laughter, so much laughter.

Our Christmas over here is different than the every other year at home.  Each celebration offers tradition and it’s own joys – each different, each treasured memories shared.

The year we stay home is filled with Christmas Eve mass, singing Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus, my mom’s manger pie, my side of the family.

I appreciate taking a year off from one side of my family’s traditions to experience the other.  My kids get to experience both.  Christmas with formality, Jesus, tradition and Christmas with walks in the snow, rides on snow mobiles and horse back, ping pong competitions, movies and lots of just hanging out with one another on the ranch.

I couldn’t pick one over the other.  Both together now make up the way we “do” Christmas – both with family – both with joy.

One year it’s fudge and Bushmill’s with coffee, the next lebkuchen and mulled wine.  A sit down meal in the city and buffet style in the country – both with mouth watering food, both over stuffed with deliciousness.  Next year we will dress up and head to church, this year we dress in layers and head out to feed the horses and play in the snow.  Neither way better than the other, both honoring the Christmas Spirit, both celebrating with family and embracing the season with wonder and joy.

One year isn’t my favorite over the other – both have my favored parts, both balance out the other, both bring out the possibility of hope – the wonder of love and the magical celebration of Christmas.

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “My Favorite Things”

  1. Jenny Estes Says:

    Beautiful, Jenny! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!!!

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