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Art Opening January 4, 2011

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My six year old son loves to draw. Pen is his medium of choice. They don’t even have to be pens with much ink, he eeks out enough to make things happen on the page. He is really into animals these days: penguins, turkeys, pigs, dogs, cows, the occasional seagull, fox and of course horses.

Last week we had an art opening, an excuse for a party, and had an open house featuring 20 of his drawings. We mounted them on construction paper, he gave them all titles and we labeled and hung them up in our living room. My nine year old daughter planned the hors d’ ouvre menu, I made a big pot of mulled wine and another of cider, his friends came and it was official, he had his first art show.

I was overwhelmed by the encouragement of his friend’s parents, buying his art, asking him questions about it. It got me thinking, for I have no idea what my son will do with his life as an adult, how much encouragement as a youngster carries over to our adult lives. If he continues to love art like he does now will this small experience boost his confidence and encourage his curiosity?  Will it be one nugget that leads him down his path?

That is one of the tough things about being a parent, we want our kids to try everything, but resources are limited and they can only do so much.  The best thing I can do for my kids is to encourage their interests, even if they aren’t mine.  My encouragement, that show of approval costs nothing and for my children it is just like the Master Card advertisement…priceless.

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “Art Opening”

  1. Trish Says:

    Jenny, Nice running into you and the kids today. Sorry I missed Simon’s first art show. That would have been something to witness. Love your blog by the way.

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