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Monday’s Random Thought January 10, 2011

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Our childhood beliefs and experiences shape us, form us into who we are, but those realities don’t have to keep us hostage.

There was a line in The King’s Speech, a movie about George VI, that moved me to tears and brought about so much truth for me.  I won’t get the quote exactly right, word for word, but I hope to convey the feelings it evoked in me.

Colin Firth’s character has a severe speech impediment and his therapist believes that the stutter stems from childhood issues.  Doesn’t everything stem from childhood issues?  Our personalities formed out of experiences of the past — either creating a shield of protection or causing avoidance and running away out of fear.  Good things too of course, our motivation for random acts of kindness, directing our career path, choosing new relationships, etc.

As Colin Firth chokes on his words he discovers fears of his father and brother stemming from the past.  You don’t have to fear those you feared when you were five, hearing those words my tears come, and they come fast.

We establish beliefs about ourselves based on relationships and things that happened in the past. Just like King George moved forward, took on the challenge as the role of King while fighting a long time speech impediment, I don’t have to fear not being loved or liked like I did as a youngster. I can face that long time ago experience gleaning the good that came from my past.

by J.G. McGlothern


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