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Stretch of Truth January 20, 2011

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Mama, can I mail a picture to heaven? My six year old son asks me as I get ready to leave last night. I’m heading up to the nursing home where my step-dad is dying and my son is so sad I won’t bring him with me.

Of course you can mail a picture to heaven, I stretch the truth in the best way possible.

But how will the mailman get into heaven, mama?

Well, I take a big breath, Grandpa will look down on you drawing the picture and he won’t be able to hold it in his hands but he will see it and feel your love in it.  Perhaps some may think I’m stretching the truth, but again I’m doing that the best way possible, with love.

My son knows people who have died and still talks about his first dog who died when he was two, four years ago, but this will be his first grandparent.

I remember when my grandpa died when I was eleven and I can still see my grandpa’s smile and feel his love. He was the only grandpa I ever got to meet, he was everything to me. We all have our own grandpa story.

So today I’m taking my son out of school early so he can get one more goodbye, one more moment with his grandpa. I’m not even stretching the truth to his teacher, I’m telling her straight up, my son wants to miss P.E. so he can have one more moment with the only grandpa he’ll ever have in his life.  And the truth of that is done in the best way possible, with love.

by J.G. McGlothern


6 Responses to “Stretch of Truth”

  1. Sue Says:

    Jenny – good for you in honoring your son’s request to say goodbye to his grandpa. As you know from yoga -there are times when a stretch is good for our bodies & souls. My thoughts are with you and your family during this most difficult time of saying good bye to a loved one. Blessings to you. Sue

  2. Marcia Metcalf Says:

    Beautiful said with lots of love!!! You are in my prayers!!!

  3. Marcia Metcalf Says:

    I meant to say – you said it beautifully with lots of love!!! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!! Hugs!!

  4. Diana Dring Says:

    Thank you for this J.G. And blessings to your family during this difficult time.

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