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Holy Water — Ritual Part I February 4, 2011

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I love weddings, I met my husband at one, I love to dance and the ritual of it all brings me to tears, good tears.

I value the beauty of funerals although tough and painful.  I love the honoring of someone’s life, the declaration of love spoken deeply and again the tears, needed tears.

One of the reasons I am probably still drawn to the Catholic Faith must be because of the all the rituals of this old, often archaic religion. There is something reassuring, reliable, comforting like a pair of worn Levis, that sits deep in my heart and speaks to me through these traditions and customs.  The prayers, the genuflecting, the sacraments, the same words spoken at the same time.  If one is not careful the words can sound stale in your mouth and empty of meaning, but like an old pair of Levis, comfy Converse, and a worn hat – it fits.  It brings about a bit of peace.

Even if you aren’t “religious”, ritual has a place, a sacred spot in your soul carved out for breathing deep, reflection, human emotion, more tears.

When I spoke briefly of ritual two blogs ago… (https://heartwriter.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/mondays-random-thought-9/) it started me thinking about ritual in my life. The connection they add to my life,  the habitual ones, the ones I practice regularly and the ones that just happen on occasion – they all hold great significance for me.  The binding after feeling separated, the unity after confusion, the peace beyond the chaos — all bringing life full circle with vivid clarity, even if only for a few moments.

Rituals although shared and often more meaningful when shared, are deeply personal.  They are only going to mean something to you if they speak to your heart and touch a deeper part of you. One ritual may move another and do nothing for someone else.

In that same vein, a ritual that use to move you, my now sound stale in your soul and no longer awaken you to another place.  That’s when it’s time find some new rituals in your life. Or doing the same ritual, just in a new way.

by J.G. McGlothern



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