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Big Toss — Ritual Part III February 6, 2011

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On a women’s retreat two years ago, a friend shared how a long time ago marriage still haunted her dreams – she hadn’t forgiven herself and her x-husband had been dead for years.  It was time for a little ritual, so some room could be made for healing.

What about throwing a rock into the lake – name that rock your x-husband and all the pain that went along with your marriage, I suggested.

Her eyes got big. She went outside to find a rock.  We all went down with her to the lake.  Big toss.  She said goodbye to the nightmares, the bad memories, the pain.

We all have our own shit we can toss into the lake; past relationships, angry words, negative experiences, real feelings – but after we toss them in a ritual act are we willing to leave them there?

A ritual act only works if you have courage to let the ugly pain go – to sink deeply to the bottom of the lake, to disappear so room can be made for more blessings to rise to the surface.

(Last year I spoke of a similar ritual using fire instead of water… https://heartwriter.wordpress.com/2010/05/17/up-in-flames-prayer-part-i/)

by J.G. McGlothern



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