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Fresh Paint February 9, 2011

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I had one goal this Tuesday in February. Honey Dew and Blue Lagoon.

I was in a fog last week, we had buried my step-dad and I was just getting my head around my loss when it occurred to me it was time to create something.  Plant a garden, paint a room.  Something. Focus on a project that brought me joy and created something lasting.  So this morning I found a gallon of Honey Dew paint and a pint of Blue Lagoon in the garage and I set forth on the downstairs bathroom.  We have lived in this house twelve years and it is the only room I have never painted.  The dirty white walls were screaming for attention.  Begging for new life.

Twelve hours later, I have a new room, a new spirit. Sure I haven’t showered and there is paint in my hair and the dog hasn’t been walked and I haven’t exercised but I have created something with color, attacked a project, just like my step-dad did many times, again and again.  Like my brother-in-law said during the eulogy…Hal remodeled a perfectly good house.  So this man knows creating.  And he did it with gusto.  I know he was with me today spreading color on the walls, adding life to a little room in a basement.

by J.G. McGlothern



4 Responses to “Fresh Paint”

  1. Nancy Miller Says:

    Great work, Jenny! (You are, however, making the assumption that Hal would have let the wall stand…)

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