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Naked Truth — Nakedness Part II February 19, 2011

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To stand naked before someone doesn’t mean you aren’t wearing any clothing.  To be really seen by someone has nothing to do with the amount of clothing on your skin.

I see more of someone by looking into their eyes – the place where truth is revealed.  Just in sharing a moment of pure understanding, connection, at a deeper level is far more revealing than seeing someone without their clothes.

Some would rather unveil their skin in a bikini for example than reveal a desire, thought, opinion, idea, sadness – holding it instead in the quiet corners of their soul.

To share a part of yourself, the part that matters, can be more difficult and risky for it reveals truth.  And for many, exposing a truth about yourself is a far bigger proclamation than showing some skin. 

The naked truth, pure honesty, can also be painful – that’s the part I think we run from, right?  Because what if the thing we reveal makes others run?  So instead we cover up our thoughts and desires not knowing the healing, growth and possibility that can come from stripping away the layers.

by J.G. McGlothern



4 Responses to “Naked Truth — Nakedness Part II”

  1. Sue Says:

    When the trees drop their leaves in the fall the light is softer perhaps to make this process easier. Maybe we need to soften the light on eachother to make it easier to expose the real parts of us.

  2. Joyce Says:

    You have a good insight into peoples souls. Being in a small two piece bathing suit is much easier for many people, than being your true self. The older I get the more I see this. If only we could teach small childern about true self or maybe you have to get older to understand

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