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Now March 31, 2011

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Lady in the Hat March 30, 2011

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My mom likes to keep warm. She is known to wear long underwear under her jeans in any season. Gloves definitely. And hats? A must in any kind of weather.

So when I was spreading out The Seattle Times on the kitchen counter this morning to dump our morning compost onto the newsprint it didn’t take long to notice my mom’s hat on the front page of the NW section for March 28, 2011.  Five protesters at Bangor received their sentencing on Monday for their crime of trespassing on a nearby nuclear plant.  Mom told me about her trip to Tacoma to view the sentencing and how her heart broke over the travesty of their arrest.  Because of the many in attendance the sentencing was brought down considerably for the five convicted.

My mom wore her Guatemalan hat for the occasion, to keep warm and keep the rain off I’m sure.  But that hat shows who my mom is, although a shy and sensible woman by nature, she is willing to speak up and protest, stand out a bit from the crowd.  A woman who will travel to other countries to help the disadvantaged, participate in rallies, sign ballots, protest against a government that makes her heart sad.

They say we are like are mothers and become more so as time goes by.  I wear hats, but I don’t speak out like my mom does or rally against the government. But I am proud to be her daughter and proud to have a mom that is willing to shake it up, walk softly but carry a big stick. 

I cut out the photo from the Times even though you can’t see her face, just her back and her hat, and hung it on the fridge.  I will tell the kids about it when they get home from school and explain how their grandmother is willing to speak out, stand up and go against. They will see how proud I am of the lady in the hat and how lucky they are to have her as their grandmother.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Load March 29, 2011

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Recently a friend and I were discussing our new place of having all our kids in school and grappling with what next, when the conversation turned to laundry. Oh, the laundry we lamented, how to handle the laundry.  My friend offered her new discovery of how to handle the overwhelming piles. One load a day. I throw a load in the wash in the morning, put it in the dryer after dropping kids at school, then I fold it in the afternoon and put it away. A simple three step process to combat the overwhelming nature of mismatched socks, stains, and sons who change outfits more than once a day.

So I have been trying it. Instead of waiting for it to pile to a level that causes me to run screaming, I am experimenting with a new method.

I’ve been doing that in other areas of my life as well. Discarding what’s not working anymore and adopting different methods, playing with new options. Like discovering a stack of mismatched socks, when I come across a negative thought not serving me I get rid of it. One word, one thought, one load at a time.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought March 28, 2011

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As I wash the dishes I shift my mind to what I do have and not what I don’t have even though it is so easy to remind myself, I don’t have a dishwasher.

by J.G. McGlothern


Enough March 24, 2011

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Meeting my friend for tea yesterday I couldn’t help but notice her joy, radiance, and new lightness to her spirit.

She claims turning 50 and celebrating with family and friends this fall is the cause of this evident shift.  Instead of focusing on the negative, I realized how much I do have in my life and how grateful I am, she confessed.

She expressed where I have been wanting to get to – that place of total gratitude, loving where I am and what I have.  Noticing the abundance not the scarcity, being aware of the gifts and not speaking of the “if only” and “the what if” and the “have not”.

It’s a head thing.  We tell ourselves these messages that radiate feelings – so why not start getting in the habit of creating messages from the heart that speak of gratitude instead of dishonoring all the gifts in my lap.

It sounds simple.  And in some ways it is.  The hard part is getting out of old habits, right?

We all know getting and having don’t necessarily make us happy. Are you with me?  So join me in starting new habits.  Repeating thankfulness, speaking out loud of the good, not giving air time to the “not yet”, the “when” and the “should”.

During this season of Lent it is a perfect time for me to be reminded and aware of what I have in my life.  For it is good. It is beautiful. It is enough.

by J.G. McGlothern



Monday’s Random Thought March 21, 2011

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Monday is the day I have chosen to be the one day I am committed to show up on this blog. I sit down and pen something that I hope to be from the heart, spontaneous, deep if not funny, thought provoking if not entertaining.  For some reason today, my thoughts don’t feel random, deep or funny and not particularly entertaining and certainly nowhere near thought provoking. It’s a strange pressure I have put on myself and I think I would do better if today were Tuesday.

I’ll pretend it is Tuesday and say this: If you think you haven’t accomplished anything today, just remember…the kids are still alive. That indeed is plenty for a day, Monday or Tuesday.

by J.G. McGlothern


Smile March 19, 2011

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It was a simple word of instruction. He only said it once. But the one word offering of advice has permeated my day with a worthy reminder and a lovely piece of wisdom.

I joined my friend at her athletic club today for my first Zumba class.  Fun music, a gym full of Dancing with the Stars wannabes and some good sweat so I could justify my crepe afterward at the nearby cafe.

The instructor, definitely a dancer with that amazing body, put up with our uncoordinatedness and lead us through our Saturday exercise.  We must have been focused on our steps or his amazing body, (did I mention his dancer butt?), that when he told us all to SMILE, we let out a laugh like we had been holding our breath. So I did just that. I smiled the rest of class.

It is a simple instruction, a gentle reminder how serious and focused we get. I remembered it throughout the day, buying pomegranates and granola bars at Trader Joe’s and later when my son woke me from my nap after being asleep for approximately two minutes.

With a smile on our face it’s hard to take ourselves so seriously. It makes it easy for others to smile back in our direction.  A worthy reminder for all.

by J.G. McGlothern