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Risk It March 11, 2011

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When I am feeling scrambled, out of sorts, a bit lost, in need of direction I often seek out the advice of one of my card decks. I have Divination/Oracle cards, 8 decks that offer Goddess and Angel wisdom, inspiration, ideas to ponder, suggestions to consider. I believe the wisdom is divinely inspired, and in the end it is up to me to follow the offered wisdom or not.

Earlier this week, the day before going on LIVE radio to talk about these cards readings and give a reading on air, I sought my Self Care deck by Cheryl Richardson. I simply asked my loving God, Divine Mystery, the Abundant Universe what I needed to know that day.  I pulled the Risk card. A ballerina dancer adorned the front of the card, mountains in the background. “Take a risk today, you have the ability to move mountains,”  was my message for the day. It was the push I needed, the gentle shove to urge me to take some steps toward something I wanted to do, but was hesitant.

Don’t we all have the ability to move mountains? Don’t we all need a gentle shove toward our dreams?  Even when you would rather crawl under the covers, turn away, take the easy way out…do it. Take a risk. For it is in the risk taking, that we are awakened to the possibility.

I chose to follow the advice, to risk it. And I did so without looking back and I was abundantly rewarded with grace.

What do you need to take a risk on? What are you waiting for? This life, this beautiful gift is meant to live fully and often that requires some risk taking on our part.

Do you need a shove? A gentle push? Here it is. I have given you permission to take a risk. So has the Universe. Now it’s your turn.

by J.G. McGlothern


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