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Revealing — Nakedness Part III March 12, 2011

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I began a series on Nakedness last month, and because of time, life, illness and mostly fear of over exposure on the topic and going to deep and sharing too much, I stopped.  I have more to get naked about.  So if you’ll bear with me and forgive the coincidental sexual innuendos, for really this nakedness I speak of has nothing to do with bare skin, well for the most part.

My women’s faith sharing group that meets twice a month has picked a new book, the Naked Now, by Richard Rohr, one of my favorite Catholic priests. I actually met him once and like his insight and learn from his wisdom.  I’m curious about his book because his point is that Christianity actually is founded on and possesses the things many people see out in Buddhism and other religions. I am curious because I have been struggling with the word Christian, the foundation and beliefs haven’t filled me with everything I am seeking in a spiritual connection on my faith journey. Instead of completely turning my cheek, I will listen to what Rohr has to say.

One thing he says is, “The most amazing fact about Jesus, unlike almost any other religious founder, is that he found God in disorder and imperfection—and told us that we must do the same or we would never be content on this earth. ”

Since spirituality has such a personal element that touches on all feeling and emotion, full of  paradoxes like imperfection and perfection it can’t help but be revealing. Like nakedness spirituality is intimate, manifesting raw beauty.

When I’m dressed in yoga clothes sweating in a 105 degree room starring at me, myself, and I in the mirror, feeling vulnerable, I feel more naked than I do in the shower.  And this morning on the phone with my sister having a heart to heart conversation about past hurts, real feelings, confessing our truths we were indeed exposing ourselves in the light.

Is nakedness then revealing a part of yourself you are not ready to reveal or exposing a side of yourself you fear? If it is, when you step fully into that experience your vulnerability can bring you unexpected gifts. Unexpected gifts, who doesn’t want to get naked for that?

by J. G. McGlothern


3 Responses to “Revealing — Nakedness Part III”

  1. Jon Watts Says:

    J. G… just stumbled across this post as I was releasing a multimedia project along with a Quaker colleague exploring nakedness as a spiritual symbol and some of the literal nakedness that early Quakers engaged in (and got them into so much trouble) in the 17th century. I’m glad to see that you are exploring the concept… as we found, it is a rich one with many elements and branches. Rich soil for inward conversation.

    Are you still intending to continue your series on nakedness? If so, we should team up! Our project is http://www.clotheyourselfinrighteousness.com


    • heartwriter Says:

      Hi Jon, Thanks for reading my post. I often pick a topic and write a series on it. No plans to write more on the topic of nakedness. I write from the heart about what ever crops up in my life at the moment. I do appreciate your reaching out.

      Peace to you with your project,

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