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Modern Family April 9, 2011

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Watching this week’s episode of Modern Family with my two youngish children this morning, I laughed hard. They laughed just as much with many of the jokes going right over their ruffled heads.

It is the ONE show I watch. Memories of my youth have much of my childhood being fostered on TV. In retaliation, I have become a big time TV snob. I don’t even turn it on. I cringe when hubby sits down on the basement couch and reaches for the remote. I usually watch my ONE show on hubby’s laptop a few days after the fact. My youth was filled with Gilligan, Bewitched, Starsky & Hutch, Magnum PI, Rockford Files, Mary Tyler Moore, don’t forget That Girl and Dallas or General Hospital and you can’t leave out the Beav.  I watched a lot.  Even though I loved every minute of it, with my adult eyes now looking back in time it was too much. So now I am paranoid about my kids watching too much if any at all.

This week’s episode of Modern Family was a reminder of how people we love in our lives can surprise us.  Even homo-phob Jay, had an awakening hanging out with his gay son’s friends one evening.  Irresponsible teenager, Hailey, didn’t burn down the house when she babysat her niece, Lily.  And grumpy neighbor, Walter, softened Phil and Clare’s hearts with a peace offering gift of homegrown onions.

We all have our roles in our families. Roles that make us want to run away. Longtime behaviors that inspire the idea to move to Romania and not leave a forwarding address.  I had to soften this week.  I was proud to call and apologize for my behavior. I wasn’t proud of the behavior that precipitated the call, just happy I noticed it, took responsibility for it and realized I don’t have to always react that way when a family member pisses me off.

I have two beliefs about people; People don’t change. People change if you give them enough space to turn around. So there it is, your paradox for this beautiful, grey, Spring, yet quite chilly the daffodils or nodding their heads kind of Seattle morning. While you contemplate that paradox, I’m going to see if my kids want to watch one more episode.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Modern Family”

  1. Linda Filley Bentler Says:

    Yes, watch just ONE more and laugh. As someone who was banned from all TV except Laura Ingalls and Wild Kingdom as a child and has no idea what people are talking about when they mention episodes, and at the same time, I cannot carry on a conversation at all if there is a TV on in the room as I am totally transfixed…balance is what it is all about. And yes, people can change if they choose to, but rarely do it on our timetable.

    Another beauty Jenny!

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