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Wings April 14, 2011

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I wrote this poem after my daughter’s discovery yesterday. A bitter sweet moment of discovery for me as well. My nine year old growing up, I want to cling to the past, but seeing the changes is a thing of beauty.  And all over a little thing called a tooth fairy. 

She left a quarter under my pillow,

Daddy got one too.

Her way of saying she knows.

A hand written note for both, telling of

Her love, showing her gratitude, proving that she

Is growing up.

Even though she knows, I will still leave her coins

under her pillow when she loses number eleven.

Fairy dust will still scatter for twelve and thirteen.

Only now

I will shed a silent tear when she smiles




My sweet bird with new wings.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Wings”

  1. Sue Says:

    Beautiful poem.
    They never tell you when you become a parent that a hard part of the job is watching your children leave the shelter of your arms and launch themselves into the world. Thankfully for us it takes place in small steps and only one day at a time. Each day makes me more grateful for the parents I had raising me. I hope that my children will one day feel the same. xoxo – Sue

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