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Monday’s Random Thought May 9, 2011

Filed under: From The Heart — heartwriter @ 8:06 pm

I’m sure he had been called an asshole before. I couldn’t have been the first to call him that. Poor technical phone rep, Richard. I just made his moment with me totally suck.

I just ask this: What has happened to Customer Service? It no longer exists. I would weep about it, but too many other important things going on in the world to weep about. Plus I don’t feel like weeping today. I would rather sing. Sorry, Richard, phone guy who wishes to hell he went on break before taking my call.

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought”

  1. Nancy Miller Says:

    Customer service really does exist but it’s hard to find especially via telephone. I work in retail and there are times when I wonder if the person asking me a totally idiotic question has grown up under a rock. BUT…it’s part of the job and unforgivable if everyone isn’t treated with the same respect so your experience is a sad example of service. (I am sure he has been called an asshole before but the true ass is his supervisor who endorses the behavior by continuing to employ him.)

    • heartwriter Says:

      Thank you Nancy. Having worked in his shoes myself the parameters they put phone reps in are sticky…the “human aspect” is taken away from them, they are trained to be robots.

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