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Locust — Effort Part III May 11, 2011

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There is this pose in Bikram yoga where you lay face down on top of the inside of your arms, kissing your towel, face smooshed into the ground, as you raise your legs up as high behind you as possible. Legs straight, lifted high from the strength of your shoulders and arms. The first time you try it, you are fairly certain you are going to die from the pain. The second time you try it, you reconsider the death sentence because you are just going to lay there and not even try to lift your legs. On the third attempt you see the possibility. Through time and with practice the pain goes away and you build more strength.

During this pose, the locust, the other day our instructor encouraged, The height doesn’t matter, just the effort.

The black locust tree has toxic pods, but is useful for making honey.  A sweet reward with effort.  Weeding away the part that is toxic and doesn’t work to discover a golden gift.

Whether building strength while kissing the ground or making something sweet and delicious, effort is needed. We know this. Who cares how high, how far, how long, how much, putting in the effort is what counts.

Locust is also the short swarming phase of a certain type of grasshopper. When these species gather they can breed rapidly.

With a bit of effort so much can be born, so much can blossom into life giving experiences.  Pods of hope instead of bitterness. Wanting to live instead of wanting to give up.

by J.G. McGlothern


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