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Pin-up June 17, 2011

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My mother-in-law doesn’t drive. But boy does she get around. This seventy eight and a half year old rarely calls for a ride. She takes the bus everywhere. Volunteers here, volunteers there. Meets friends. Does stuff. Not one to sit too very long on her comfy couch – except when it comes to one thing. Horse racing. The lady is addicted. She even has a horse racing channel.

Yesterday visiting in her living room, a photograph on her couch caught my eye. A beautiful stallion. Oh, and there was a horse in the picture too. My mother-in-law had just received in the mail a pin-up calendar of jockeys. Twelve photos of jockeys posing sans shirt or unbuttoned all the way. What was going on over here?

I love discovering new things about people you have known for a very long time. It’s like opening a window you thought was stuck.

Not only do I have a politically active and world knowledgeable mother-in-law who travels, reads everything under the sun, knows what is going on in the world, takes the bus all over town…she has a calendar of half naked men hanging in her house.

The calendar profits go to permanently disabled jockeys, she tells me.

Of course it does.

by J.G. McGlothern


4 Responses to “Pin-up”

  1. Linda Filley Bentler Says:

    Love it!

    What if we approached everyone, including our own family members, with a wonder of discovery instead of “already knowing them?”


    Sounds like some cute jockeys too. =)

    • heartwriter Says:

      I love how you phrase that LFB. Yes, look beyond the roles we put each other in, look beyond the roles we take on.

      A couple, yes!

  2. Mary Nicholls Says:

    Jenny, that was awesome! Our fixed ideas about people can close us off to so much. Love, Mary

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