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Monday’s Random Thought: Bird Voice July 11, 2011

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There is a bird’s nest in our back yard. And the other day a second egg appeared. The nest is in the ground, tucked in the grass, on the ground near the kids’ play structure.  We haven’t seen the mother, it all happened so quietly.

This morning the crows are talking in the front yard. Engaged in their normal chatter I notice something different, a pause between their squawks. It is like one is reflecting on the other’s words before responding. 

So much can happen in the silence. We can hear each other more clearly, sit on the other’s words before jumping in with a reply. Perhaps build a nest where it is safe for other’s words to really soak in and not just drift through the air.

Making room for another egg, full of possibility.

by J.G. McGlothern



One Response to “Monday’s Random Thought: Bird Voice”

  1. Linda Filley Bentler Says:

    Beautiful writing. A bit of silence is a blessing for everyone….

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