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Caught July 20, 2011

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You never plan on getting a speeding ticket. It is rare that one sets out in their vehicle and says…This is the day. I am going to get pulled over.

Getting pulled over for going 49 in a 35 and being handed a $154 speeding ticket certainly wasn’t in my plan yesterday morning at 10:17 AM. The day was going fine, I had left my kids at the pool with my friend and I was on my way to meet another friend for coffee. I wasn’t late. At the stop light I had just taken the grey clouds of the morning and switched my gear into positive thoughts. I was grateful, hopeful, and light…open to possibility.

Then out of nowhere comes Erica Estrada from Chips.

So before my friend joined me for coffee I had a moment to reflect. What the hell? Came the first thought. Really? Came the second.

It was over, I will show up and contest the ticket, get my $50 knocked off, so what was the other reason behind it? I really don’t think I wanted it. But I did want answers. Sitting at that stop light prior to meeting Erica Estrada I was switching my mind gears to a different plane. To a level of awareness and gratitude. Wanting to figure out what my priorities were in this life.

Perhaps the whole affair was to say, slow down sister. (Not just literally….but I wasn’t going 49, Erica needed to fill his quota, I’m certain.) The message for me may be, okay your mind has been swirling with thousands of thoughts…slow down and focus on one. One at a time. Take it down a notch, breathe more, and focus on what is right in front of you.

My tendency may be to go forward full steam ahead and that is okay, I just need to do it with one thing at a time.

So thanks Erica Estrada look alike on your motorcycle, with your brown skin and mirrored glasses…I am focused now, and you won’t catch me.

by J.G. McGlothern


4 Responses to “Caught”

  1. Sue Says:

    I guess it is time to say YES to slowing down! You amaze me my friend. Thank you for your honest writing and thoughts. So refreshing!
    xoxo- Sue

  2. kerri Says:

    Sue said it wonderfully: Say YES to the moment. I have to remember to do that with my kids–to be present and thoughtful. Because if I forget to keep my eyes open, even for a moment, Jack will eat a whole box of cookies and my legs will look like the Amazon!

    Thanks for the great blog.

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