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Blue Truck — Transition Part II July 31, 2011

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Until last Saturday our blue Chevy pick-up truck had been sitting in front of our house for way over a year.  Hubby bought a new one and hadn’t gotten around to selling the old one.  The kids loved that truck. Perfect for snowball fights, ideal for gathering ammunition and seeking shelter. The bed of the truck made a great basketball hoop.

We sold Ole’ Blue last Saturday.

When the nice young couple came to buy it and take it home I got chatty with the gal, while the guy signed paperwork with hubby. Our son heard us chatting.

My ten year old son is so excited for us to get home with this truck, the buyer told us. We continued our polite chatter until the little voice behind me, our son, spoke up to this stranger on our sidewalk, Excuse me. Could you please do me a favor and ask your son to love Ole’ Blue as much as I do?

If we had known, we would of asked for more money.  We had our little player working over time. But he wasn’t playing, no acting here. He was speaking from his heart.

Change is hard for our boy and I couldn’t have been more proud, with his lower lip quivering when he told a stranger his wish, simply for someone else to love something as much as he did.

by J.G. McGlothern



2 Responses to “Blue Truck — Transition Part II”

  1. Linda Filley Bentler Says:

    To love strongly and deeply is a gift….even for an old blue car that symbolizes many happy memories of a loving family.

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