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Monday’s Random Thought: Self-Empowerment August 22, 2011

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Don’t let it rain on your parade, my mom would say to us kids when we were young and upset about this or that not going our way.

Oh, how I hated that.

Nobody can rain on your paradeit’s up to you how you feel, she would continue as I gagged on her words. After the gag factor I would scream back, You hate me, you don’t care. I thought she was so blind, ignorant and downright mean.

So true this rain on parade thing, like most, not all, but most things our parents tell us and we find ourselves telling our children.

“Healing is a solo endeavor, I just read from Carolyn Myss this morning. She continues, …”while we all need support during this process, ultimately the task of self-empowerment rests with us.” She isn’t being ignorant or mean, just speaking some truth that is hard to swallow, but once we do it makes life so much lighter.

So light we won’t even notice the rain pouring around us. And if we do notice we will stop screaming about the meanness of it all and just start dancing in the puddles.

by J.G. McGlothern


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