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Monday’s Random Thought: Rearrange September 19, 2011

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It’s amazing the shift that can happen when you rearrange some furniture and pass on things you no longer use.

Yesterday we were given a couch we didn’t really need. We weren’t looking for a new couch. But this one fell in our laps. With the new couch moving into the living room other things had to move out. An honest examining of what do we really use had to take place.  Some things needed to move into another room or be passed on to someone else.

At first there was resistance, not everyone wanted this change initially. In the end all four of us, oh the dog, too welcomed the new living room arrangement.

The change allowed for new space to open up, a fresh outlook.

You should know me well enough by now, to know, I am not just talking about furniture.  When we make space for something, you may get a new piece of furniture, but you may discover something even more valuable.

by J.G. McGlothern


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