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Big Dog September 27, 2011

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My childhood dog Kona. Recently found this photo taken circa 1979.

The day was sunny, but it wasn’t sunny in my heart. Kona was excited. Big tongue hanging out of his mouth, tail wagging. For all he knew he was going off on another adventure.

Our family friend, Matt, always took Kona for rides on the back of his motorcycle. No motor cycle ride today. Matt hoisted Kona’s dog house to the back of his El Camino, Kona jumped in, no idea he was moving out to the country. For good.

City life wasn’t working for this St. Bernard – Collie mix. He needed space. He needed something else to chase besides cars.

Years before when my parents were still married my oldest sister came home one night with Kona.  She was walking the beach with a girlfriend. They told the owner walking Kona how cute the dog was and next thing you know my teenage sister had a new dog. She eventually moved out, so did my dad.

In the void of one less sister and a father no longer in the house, there was this big dog. Kona slept on my bed – I didn’t care that he took up most of the space.

His floppy ears and big smiling face fill the picture I am holding now. A 30 something year old picture that holds memories I’d forgotten.

After the snap shot was taken, I never saw Kona again. But the place he held in my heart has been rediscovered. Like finding a present under the tree, days after Christmas.

by J.G. McGlothern


5 Responses to “Big Dog”

  1. Jill Delaney Says:

    Oh, Kona. He lives on in my memory to this day, it didn’t take but the quick mention of his name and his image was conjured up. Why is that we remember this childhood animals. You remember Nekko and Dusty, I’m sure. There was Frisky and Sunshine my guinea pig. Your writing is direct, love how a little says a lot, know what I mean? Keep on Truckin’

    • heartwriter Says:

      Oh, Nekko and Dusty. Those damn, I mean lovely, cats!!! Don’t forget Mittens, Shadow and Noel. Thanks dear friend. I am blessed that you lived across the street and 43 years later connecting with you is like we are still playing in the street. xoxo

      • Jill Delaney Says:

        Jenny my mom is visiting and I shared your blog with her this morning her comments:
        Hi Jen! I loved remembering with you, how sweet to communicate, special feelings. How is Simon, Tom asks, bird interest?
        Know you are at camp, can’t wait to hear about it. Love, The ‘Nelsons’
        BTW I had a dream about Kona last night, mixed with a Ballard dream??????

  2. Jill Delaney Says:

    Forwarded the Kona blog to Garret. He said he’d completely forgotten about that dog until he read the blog, saw the picture. It made him remember some of his buddies dogs of his childhood.

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