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Courtly Healing October 6, 2011

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Everyone has a story, their personal journey from there to here.

On bookshelves October 16th, my dear friend and Thursday writing buddy will have her first book, Back on the Court, available for purchase.  (Check out her website and buy her book … www.sonyaelliott.com )

In her memoir we discover the healing that comes to Sonya through writing and playing basketball.

Who knew a pen and a ball could have such power?

When Sonya’s fiancé is killed in a train accident and she is left seriously injured – there are times when Sonya doesn’t want to go on living. Healing doesn’t seem possible.

Through time, the power of transformation when a pen hits a blank page and playing the sport she loves with all her heart, Sonya finds healing.

We all have something we can heal from. We have all experienced deep wounds whether we acknowledge them or not. Stuff happens that leaves wounds and we either choose to let them be or we expose them to the light for healing.

Sonya chose to fight courageously for her life. It wasn’t easy. The road was long. But her healing story is a beautiful example of what can happen when you choose to follow your passions, and listen to your heart.

by J.G. McGlothern



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