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Monday’s Random Thought: Perfection October 10, 2011

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I am reading The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and yesterday on my perfect Sunday morning I read this line: Perfection isn’t what families are all about, learns Henry the main character in Jamie Ford’s engaging novel.

It was apparent yesterday morning that we would not be going to church, when I was the only one awake at 9 AM. The house was still asleep and I have always believed that if you don’t HAVE to, don’t wake the children.  Outside it was drizzling rain and inside I was cozy with my book and tea on the living room couch. A Sunday morning I dream of, right in my lap.

Then our son woke up thirty minutes later, unhappy, confused from a dream, tired from the late night before. I was jolted from my quiet morning being asked to shift gears.

Among the tears, between the brief chaos, it is true no family does it perfectly. Unless getting it perfect can be redefined as living in the moment, letting go of high standards and appearances and just being as you are without conforming to some silly norm.

That sounds perfect to me. Loving each other with our morning breath and sleep around the eyes. Interacting without judgment and surrendering to expectations.  Just being together in one place before it’s time to get out the door to the next thing.

Ahhh, perfect.

by J.G. McGlothern


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