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In Your Face: Presence Part I October 19, 2011

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I have been trying something. It’s not easy this thing I am trying. I stumble a lot, I forget, I get distracted and lose focus, but then I am reminded, and I try again.

My women’s faith sharing group that meets twice a month, had a recent assignment that is sticking to me and finding its way into my heart, one step at a time. I definitely lose sight of it, then I find clarity, when I try this thing again.

Inspired by the book we are reading, The Naked Now, by Richard Rohr, we were asked to “be present to others.” Sounds easy right? I believe it is absolutely one of the toughest things. I find to be “truly present to those I meet in the grocery store, at home, on the playground, with strangers, friends and family without thinking of the next thing I have to do or what to say next, just be present to who or what is in front of me” is a struggle.  Incredibly challenging.

But here’s the great part, like anything, with practice it becomes easier. The person you are engaging with can feel it to. There is that sweet moment when you are holding each other’s story, that moment in time stopped because you are face to face, engaged, aware, truly present.

by J.G. McGlothern


2 Responses to “In Your Face: Presence Part I”

  1. Ruth Gardner Says:

    I love this. I wish more people could engage this way, get off your cell phone, stop texting, stop looking around…see each other, enjoy the moment you have with each other at that minute. Thanks for the reminder!

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