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On the Mat — Presence Part II October 20, 2011

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Yesterday day in yoga, it took a lot of effort to be present to my practice. I started off looking at the mirror in front of me, answering the instructor’s invitation to take a moment to set an “intention” for class. My intention was “presence”, to let everything else go and to surrender to the 90 minute moving meditation of yoga. Then a number of times I found myself anywhere but class, nowhere near present to my practice.

I went to December in my thoughts, back to last week, forward to Halloween, back again to judging how I reacted to someone, forward to my daughter’s upcoming November birthday. I was all over the place.

When I let the instructor’s words bring me back to focus…Lower your left your hip, or Concentrate on your third eye, and then later, Lock your knee, focus on not bending your knee…I was brought back to my mat. Back to where I wanted to be, but pulled into other places by my ever turning mind.

December will get here, I have learned how to react next time, the costume will happen, the birthday will come and she will be surprised, but right here on the mat is where I am right now. And by surrendering to the moment, being present to myself, I will learn how to be more present to others. For now there are no others, it is just me here on this mat.

Oh, but how easy it is to wander over to the person practicing next to me on their mat or ahead to December, another place, anywhere but right here. If I pause and just be in the moment, I would see it is a good place. The room is warm, light is coming through the big front window, I am building strength, sweating out toxins, releasing tension.

How many times do I ignore where I am and wander to another place in my mind, completely unaware of the warmth and light in front of me?

by J.G. McGlothern


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