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Suspended — Presence Part III October 23, 2011

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I love how God shows up in the stillness. God is really always there but it is in the stillness that I am aware of God’s presence.

Walking this morning I notice a leaf, already touched by autumn, deep yellow in color, hanging mid-air. Floating, still.

On closer look I see it is suspended mid-air by one practically transparent thread of a spider’s web. I am in awe of the power this one thread holds. See through, yet strong.

The leaf, saved from dropping to the wet ground, still given a chance to be part of the tree, floats like I do, in between here and there, hanging by a strong invisible force.

The leaf can only be grounded in the presence, hanging there, neither on the tree or resting on the ground, but suspended by the gift of the spider.

by J.G. McGlothern

When I am still enough to be aware, silent enough to be open, I feel the invisible brush on my brow of all the gifts in my life and I am humbled.


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