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Monday’s Random Thought: Smile October 24, 2011

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Walking into Peet’s Coffee and Tea House last week, I caught eyes with a woman, we smiled at each other, then I continued up to the counter. She was writing in a notebook, sitting alone, wearing purple and had medium length hair, all wildly windblown from the afternoon.

After finding a table and ordering my pot of tea, we caught eyes again, she was somewhere between sixty and seventy in age.

I like your smile, she told me.

Well, thank you, I like yours, I told her back. Then we smiled at each other again, taking a brief moment to just connect without words before I went back to my table.

I love how children and folks in the upper age range, call it like they see it. If they like something or don’t like something, they tell you. No ambiguity, no grey area.

I also love how a shared smile with a stranger can change your perspective in that moment.

by J.G. McGlothern


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