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Blue Skies – Color Part I November 3, 2011

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When I lived in Tokyo, twenty years ago, there was one color that changed my view and brought me peace. Green.

On the weekends I’d join friends or go out to the countryside by train on my own in search of adventure and a bit of beauty. Living in the city I didn’t find much natural
beauty, that’s probably why I bought myself flowers every week.  The grey cement and lack of green ate away at me and I had no idea until I saw trees outside the train window. Away from the polluted, overcrowded city, the hill sides, forests and open fields grounded me and connected me once again.

Yesterday I had the same experience but with the color blue. I am lucky to live in a beautiful city and just blocks away I can see the Puget Sound, the Olympics and the
Seattle city scape. The sun was out, the autumn colors set the trees on fire
and the blue sky called my name with the opening up of each cloud being pushed
further out of view.

I answered the call and took my dog to the beach for a swim. As he delighted in the freezing water I had the same feeling I had twenty years ago in Japan.

Then it was the trees and smell of green grass that slowed my breathing and yesterday it was the sky and blue water stretched out in front of me.

Green. Blue. Whatever the color, my senses are open, bringing me back to center, awakening my heart.

I forget with everything else my mind is absorbing, admidst all the doing, to stop and seek out the beauty around me. I don’t have to look far. Today it’s blue, green and rusty-orangish-red. The colors of the sky and trees outside my living room window are my gift wrapped up beautifully.

Colors that remind me to slow down and catch my breath. Colors that remind me of my blessings and how beautiful and abundantly alive this world is. Alive with color, blessed with rich gifts and all I have to do is open my eyes.

by J.G. McGlothern


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