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Cover Up – Color Part II November 9, 2011

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Every room in our house is a different color.

When we bought our house over thirteen years ago the word on the street was that the previous owner was a stripper.  Every room had some sort of animal print on the walls. Zebra border wall paper in the living room, leopards jumping out at you as you walked down the stairs to the basement, little bunnies in the kitchen.  The first night we slept in our new home, the zebra and leopard wall paper didn’t make it through the night. I promptly ripped them down, talk about stripping.

Over the next months the white walls were transformed with a bit of paint. Color adds so much, reflecting warmth, personality and a bit of life. Never mind that it covers up past sins, hides imperfections and is a cheap way to decorate.

You may find dirt on our walls or dust bunnies, not the other kind of bunny, hanging from the light fixtures but you won’t find white walls in our house. It’s against my religion.

by J.G. McGlothern


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