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Hard Lesson November 16, 2011

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Tonight my son asked if you can tell on a teacher. He wasn’t referring to his teacher, another teacher. He told me the story of how this teacher spoke to him on the
playground in a way that didn’t make him feel so happy. I know who she is, she
has her sassy moments and I was glad he didn’t get her as his teacher. But I
know she has a good heart, she just yells sometimes, kind of like me.

So ensued the conversation of how telling on her wouldn’t have done a damn thing. I was good and left out the damn part, (this time) but I thought it for sure.

Here is this innocent kid trying to figure out his way in this world and then bam here comes the part about all adults not always being that nice. But I phrased it more around the words of letting it go would have a more positive result than bringing it
up to her.

Oh, dear God, I have to chuckle sometimes, you really gave me the male version of myself in my second child didn’t you?  We want to correct everyone, change the world and scream out from the top of our lungs, Why can’t we all just get along?

by J.G. McGlothern


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