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Bending to Fear November 17, 2011

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Today in yoga the instructor gave us a new pose I hadn’t done before. As everyone moved forward to the next phase of it I sat motionless, catching eyes with the instructor I said, I’m really scared of this pose for some reason, I’m really afraid to try it.

You should be, they way you are approaching it would be scary, bend your leg instead of keeping it straight, she gently told me with a smile.

Oh, this isn’t scary, I discovered and said out loud as I correctly moved into the pose.

After lots of laughter from the class I sank even deeper into the pose realizing how good this one was for my hips.  Releasing and letting go and all I had to do was bend one leg.

Fear is real, fear signals so many things, but sometimes it is just about listening to all the words, gathering all the information before moving forward. Then it’s about surrender and just doing it.

by J.G. McGlothern



One Response to “Bending to Fear”

  1. Linda Filley Bentler Says:

    Absolutely perfect for me today. Thank you so much Jenny! Linda

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