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Full November 24, 2011

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Let’s be honest for a second. Beyond the grateful spirit of this holiday, way past our reflection of our bounty and counting our blessings, today is really about the food.

Personally I’m all about the potatoes. Pass the mashed ones please. Then send the sweet ones down my way. Bring on the gravy, serve up the stuffing, let me have the turkey skin and you can have the rest of the bird. Save me a slice of pumpkin pie after I have room and please, please let me share the last brussel sprout wrapped in bacon with you. You don’t want it? Okay, I’ll take it.

It wouldn’t be the same if I ate this food alone. Indeed those gathered around the table with me make the food even more savory and delicious. The conversation, the thankfulness, the laughter, yes, the love expressed with one another is definitely the gravy of it all. Then there are those I love not gathered around the table with me, who are somehow with me throughout the day. In my thoughts and silent prayers as I peel potatoes, whip the cream and help in the kitchen, laughing with the others.

The food is just a tangible way of expressing our thanks in a weird round-about way. We make our favorite dishes for our family and friends, offerings of love.

As I write this, I am sitting at my sister-in-law’s table and her just made last night apple pie is staring at me. With its perfect homemade crust, I swear Paula Dean must have been here.  Frost covers the grass outside, my children play, my hubby sleeps and I pour myself another cup of coffee doing the thing I love best, playing with words, filling a blank page.

Although I will have seconds on the potatoes and make room for more when I am stuffed on stuffing, I am aware that I am already full. This life is nourishing, sustaining and blessed and I am full to overflowing.

 But please before you go, could you pass over that bowl and let me have just one more dollop of potatoes?

 by J.G. McGlothern


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