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Oh, Dark Winter November 30, 2011

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Oh, glorious winter.

As we huddle indoors from the chill outside, we seek warmth and comfort in food, a good book, conversation, a hot cup of tea, bad TV, more chocolate.

In these early days of our new season, we are surrounded by darkness. The day ends early as the sun sets before supper is on the table. Leaves lay fallen to the earth, leaving the trees naked. We feel naked too as these months bring on anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones, anxiety over the upcoming Christmas season. Just last night a neighbor’s home was nearly burgled and two blocks away from them, more break-ins have been reported. With the heavy cloud cover many experience sadness as they dream of warmer days and long to see the sun.

Oh, glorious winter.

I love to be huddled indoors with candles lit, soup on the stove, NPR chatting in the background. But I still have to remember to look for the light behind the darkness when the view out my window is grey just too long.

And that’s it. Those little reminders of light.  A letter in the mail, a call from a friend, a funny email, an extra hug from your kid, a smile from a stranger passing by your front window, a caress from your spouse.

I can’t just wait to receive light from others, I have to be the one giving it, that’s the best part. Baking cookies for the family on a Wednesday, just because, reading ten books aloud to the children before starting supper. Asking my daughter to help me unpack the snowmen collection. Challenging my husband to a game of cribbage, when we’re not even away on vacation.

We reach out, we try, and in these little efforts we see the dark isn’t that bad for it reveals light in places you thought only saw shadows.

Oh, glorious winter.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Oh, Dark Winter”

  1. Now that I have a new winter coat, I’m saying the same thing. Oh, glorious winter!

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