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Christmas Past — Darkness Part III December 7, 2011

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Christmas was never my holiday as a child. My father’s depression clouded my experience along with my older sister spilling the beans about Santa when I was just four.

But that is my past.

A few years ago my Christmas attitude and reality were altered by raising our two children. Experiencing through their eyes. New fresh eyes for me to witness the Christmas season, not with my old eyes that were clouded with hurt, unfulfilled expectations, loss.

Our past experience of something doesn’t HAVE to dictate our present or future.

It took time but I have finally left that baggage at the back door.  Through forgiving my dad and my sister, I found out what everyone was talking about with this Christmas Spirit thing.

I had to live in the darkness before I could really see and experience the light. Not a new story, we have all lived this.

Are you ready to let go of any darkness from your Christmases Past? I send you light as you reflect on this.

by J.G. McGlothern


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