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Monday’s Random Thought: Expression December 19, 2011

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I have been seeing frowns on people faces and thinking, wow, They look mean, I better stay clear.

Then I throw those thoughts out the window and smile at them. The result is miraculous. They smile back. I discover they are lost in thought, concentrating on something not in front of them, not mean at all.

Makes me wonder how often do I wear an expression on my face that makes people want to stay clear of me?

Our facial expressions mean far more than we know.

This weekend I made a snap judgment about someone I met while traveling back East. When I introduced myself, we were at a party, I got a cold, quick, might I say snotty response. Hours later, into party mode, she saw me from across the room and smiled at me. A big wide, warmish smile. Could have been the booze warming her up. Or it could have been that she truly isn’t snotty, rude, cold, an East Coaster…I just caught her deep in thought, being critical, lost in the past or future.

by J.G. McGlothern


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