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It Counts December 28, 2011

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Yesterday in yoga class, the instructor echoed a thought that has been floating in my head recently. Particularly during Advent, the days leading up to Christmas.

It’s not the result that matters, but the effort that counts, she told us as we moved into the next pose.

For Advent, the four weeks before Christmas I wanted to meditate every day.

I feel so much better, guilt evaporated, knowing the efforts, my intention, that matter most. So I didn’t meditate every day. But the intention and effort were there. I paused in the car before getting out to breathe and meditate for a minute. I stopped and made consensus effort to be. I wasn’t on the couch meditating for twenty minutes every morning like my ambitious goal that’s for sure.  But I was aware of my intention and didn’t stop making efforts toward my desire.

As we close out one year and gently lead into the next, remember, it’s the effort that counts, so don’t stop reaching toward the next thing stirring in your heart.

by J.G. McGlothern


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