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Monday’s Random Thought: One Day at a Time January 2, 2012

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While shopping at an art store over the holidays, buying sketch books for our kids, I found the perfect present.  I bought it for myself.

I am a sucker for quotes. Not a sucker really, just a lover of words that hit home. And there on the spinning rack of magnets I found the saying. I could have purchased them all, but the one that spoke to where I needed to be in my overwhelmed state and where I want to take myself in the New Year, summed it up in four words: One Day at a Time.

It sits on my fridge above my small white board that acts as my daily list keeper. The list of each day’s tasks, organizing me one day at a time.

For that’s all we have, this day. So my only real resolution this year is to take each gift one at a time. For that is what our days are, gifts, and it is up to us to unwrap them not only gently but with wild abandon.

by J.G. McGlothern


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