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Gather January 11, 2012

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I attended a funeral last week of a woman who left this world far too soon, at least that’s how all of us in attendance felt.

At age 34, Christina was a gatherer. A restaraunter who foraged edible food from the earth, creating mouth watering meals from roots, mushrooms, nettles, ingredients others would ignore.  After gathering food, she invited those she loved together to share in the bounty. She included everyone, not turning her back on anyone. Again, accepting of people, others would ignore.

The church couldn’t have been more packed. The presider reminded us that we were gathering together because we can’t do it alone.

Sometimes we want to do it alone, we don’t feel connected so we choose to cut off and go our own route. Ignoring the healing, life giving experience of inviting others into world.

Hearing about Christina’s life I learned she made everyone feel special, she included everyone.  And what a gift to have the knack for including many different types of people around one table.

After the funeral we gathered to eat the recipes Christina loved to cook. Again, the hall was packed. Who would have thought a meal could have been so delicious and made from nettles, hedgehog (don’t worry the mushroom kind), roots, honey, carrots, tahini and other ingredients I usually ignore? It makes me ponder, what else and whom else do I ignore? What other things in my life get dismissed because of prejudice, habit, lack of experience, ignorance?

Thank you Christina for gathering us all together last week, even though of course we wish it weren’t to grieve the loss of your life on this earth. Thank you for reminding me of the gifts of gathering together, especially with those I may otherwise ignore.

by J.G. McGlothern


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