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Lingering Spirit January 15, 2012

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This morning watching the snow outside our living room window with my family fall this morning, our son exclaimed, It’s like Christmas. We are having a Christmas morning, playing games all together with the snow outside falling all white.

Hunkered inside trying out a new crepe recipe, having a volleyball tournament with a balloon and challenging each other to games of Mancala and Bey Blade spin offs, it is like Christmas. Slow and easy. Focused on family, not agenda.

The one Christmas thing I have not yet put away is the bowl of Christmas and New Year cards that keep trickling in through the U.S. Postal Service.  The bowl sits on a table in our living room and every now and then, I will stop and thumb through, not ready to decide next what to do with them next. Plus the next day, we may get another one in the mail. I love how just because the calendar says mid-January, my friends and family haven’t thought that it is too late to mail their cards.

(My son just came down to the basement where I am typing this…held out his hand and said, Mom, come with me, you have to see all the snow outside.) I love it. Christmas enthusiasm all over again.

What joys of Christmas are still lingering in your heart despite it being January? What can you hold on to and not let go of?

A season’s ending can often really mean it’s beginning.

(Right now, just before I am hitting the publish button, my son is down here again, Mama, people just walked by and now the tracks from their dog are all gone, covered by the snow. Close your eyes, give me your hand and come with me now, Mama.)

Oh….Kids so get it. Christmas is definitely not over.

by J.G. McGlothern


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