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Monday’s Random Thought: Optimism February 6, 2012

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Last week I visited a friend who just had major surgery and will soon be undergoing chemotherapy. I have known her for seven years and have witnessed her battle against depression. She asked me before her surgery if I would come over and give her a card reading. I offer spiritual, inspirational, Goddess and Angel card readings in my work and was happy to do so.

I was greeted at the door with a bright smile. Not the smile someone who just had a double mastectomy would be expected to wear. Yet there my friend was, smiling.

Before we got started with her card reading I asked her if there was something specific she wanted to ask the cards. How will I stay optimistic through my healing process?, she wanted to know.

Card after card and we went through a number of decks, came clear, direct wisdom about staying positive. By the ninth deck we were laughing so hard because all of the cards pulled, dealt with staying positive. She even drew the Optimism Guardian Angel card. She was being hit over the head with what she wanted to here. She put her intention out there and received guidance.

It seems so obvious that one should remain positive when going through a major healing process. But often the obvious is the most challenging. And often the most challenging is what we avoid.

I applaud my friend for choosing the optimistic approach. It doesn’t mean her path will be bump free.  As any human being she will face highs and lows. But seeing her smile and hearing her voice again on the phone reassures me she is going to be just fine. She is going to fight her battle with love and light, strength and more light, there will only be room for the positive stuff.

The stuff that creates miracles.

by J.G. McGlothern


One Response to “Monday’s Random Thought: Optimism”

  1. heartwriter Says:

    I will have to get a reading soon. I liked this one too.

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