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Super Bird February 19, 2012

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On Super Bowl Sunday the kids and I pulled into Trader Joe’s parking lot and could immediately tell we weren’t the only ones who wanted pulled pork sandwiches before watching Madonna, I mean the game.

Crowded indeed. But the parking lot attendant had it under control, guiding us confidently; we all just needed to have a bit of patience. Fortunately, I had some that morning.

I came to a vacant spot pretty quickly but as I pulled in I could see the gal who was parked next to the vacant spot I was about to occupy, was about to leave.  She too was taking up two spots and had kids in the back seat. I waited for her to leave so I could re-park and take up just one spot. Another car came from around the corner and the woman next to me didn’t see him, she continued to back out, I held my breath. Fortunately, the car behind me saw her and stopped.

As the gal pulled out I saw that she was talking on her cell phone. TALKING ON HER CELL PHONE WHILE BACKING UP, TAKING UP TWO PARKING SPOTS AND WITH TWO KIDS IN HER CAR. Her eyes caught mine. And I lifted my hand to my ear, giving the phone signal. No, I wasn’t asking her to give me a call. I was mouthing, ON YOUR PHONE, REALLY? REALLY?

She didn’t roll down her window and invite me to tea.

She flipped me off.

I raised my arms in celebration, Kids, mama just got flipped off. My son of course cried, my daughter was proud and I was doing something I wouldn’t have done a few years earlier. I was not being bothered by the stranger giving me the finger. I was her even a few more years back. Quick to flip off a stranger when they “wronged” me by cutting me off or not stopping for me.

Sure I caught the woman in a stressful moment. I wasn’t in her shoes; I don’t know her day, her circumstances, her life. But I could see where I had come from: One, being a person prone to road rage no longer going down that path and Two, being a person who gets upset when someone doesn’t like my behavior.

She probably thought I was a royal B and of course I didn’t have to scold her but when I saw the reason she was taking up two spaces, almost hitting another car while backing up was because she was ON THE PHONE and had two little ones in the car, I got a little hot around the collar.

I’m just glad I didn’t flip her off back, I mean after all, my kids were in the car.

by J. G. McGlothern




2 Responses to “Super Bird”

  1. susanna Says:

    That was a good one jenny!

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