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Monday’s Random Thought: Stress Not April 30, 2012

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The kinds words of a stranger making you a cup of coffee at a neighborhood café can be day changing.

Stress Not, the barista told me.

I know this. I know about not stressing. Often it is the little things that get us momentarily wigged out leaving us with amnesia. We throw out the wisdom we have deep within. We let our minds take us on a trip down worry lane. But the short lived wigging out was stopped by someone’s kind words for me this morning, Stress Not. His words brought me back to what I know. To what I can feel, truly believe and live out, I just needed some caffeine to blow away my temporary memory loss and ground me in my truth.

For more thoughts on my morning with this phrase please check out my website… www.mamaneedsarefill.com , to read today’s post… http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com/2012/04/stress-not/.

by J.G. McGlothern


Crow Jello and a Little Risk April 24, 2012

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I had the coolest dream recently. I was a crow. Not the annoying cawing type that circles overhead ready to attack. The yoga kind. I was doing the crow pose.

If you aren’t up on your crow, the pose involves squatting on the ground, both palms flat on the ground. Elbows nestled inside your knees, then lean forward, walla…you are in the air supporting yourself with your hands.

I have tried this in real life. It scares the shit out of me. I don’t get off the ground.

Not in my dream. In my dream it was effortless.

Well then Saturday night at a friend’s birthday celebration, I shared the dream with the others gathered. Then, perhaps fired up by my recent vodka Jello shot, I tried it. I did it, for .29999 seconds. Then I fell on my face. Perhaps induced by the Jello.

My fear came true, I fell on my face. But I survived. No blood, no bruise.

I am going to try it again on my yoga mat not hard wood floor and induced by pure will power not Jello.

We try things that scare the shit out of us. We fall on our face. We survive. We try again.

We fly.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought: Profuse April 23, 2012

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This life is so full. Overflowing with sadness if you look at the news, have just heard of a friend’s death, struggle with chronic pain, or are not living how you want to be.

This life is so full. Overflowing with beauty if you look out your window, reach out to a friend, stop and count your blessings, or surrender to getting it all done perfectly.

I am in awe of the fullness life offers us, the ugly parts and the breathtaking gorgeous parts all rolled up together, the reflection of each balancing it all out. Sometimes life is so full it is hard for me to keep still. But I know that in the stillness I am even more aware of the bounty.

by J.G. McGlothern


Monday’s Random Thought: Reassurance April 16, 2012

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We took care of a dog last week, while his family was out of town. I’ll call him Napoleon, to protect his privacy.

Napoleon lives in a loving home now, but in one of his past lives he experienced some crazy owner behavior. At least that is the story we believe because of some of his, let’s say, tendencies.

Napoleon barks not to be annoying, but to say “Hey, you are back home, I missed you, please don’t ever go again”…or “There’s trouble a brewin’ outside, I hear some loud teenagers in the alley you should check it out” or my personal favorite, “You really shouldn’t leave because while you are gone I will find your undies on the bathroom floor.”

Napoleon’s growl is surely not an indication of a mean and vicious disposition more like that of a jealous lover.  Also indicated by his need to be touched, fondled, cuddled and caressed.

During his first few days with us, my son, we’ll call him Bob, to protect his privacy, noticed Napoleon’s barking, nipping and nervous energy.

I told him, He is sad his family is gone and when we leave him he worries no one will come back for him. They call it separation anxiety, Bob, and we just have to show him love and try to make him see that he won’t be left forever.

OHH, said Bob, Mama, that is exactly what I have, we have the same thing me and Napoleon, that is so cool. We both have separation anx—ty.

Why, yes you do.

For the rest of Napoleon’s week long stay, Bob reassured our dog friend with lots of love and care on our departure and arrivals to and from home.

And I will tell you, dropping Bob off at school this past week was void of any traumatic tendencies. Bob knew I would be there at the gate after school, “in six hours, mama” to be exact. He even told me, like he does every day, You can’t see me at lunch  today and that’s okay, because you will be with me, right here in my heart, I love you Mama.

We all may not need daily reassurance like Bob and Napoleon, but deep down we all have the same need to know we are loved and that we won’t be left forever, even though it doesn’t show itself with wanting fifty hugs and kisses or stealing underwear.

by J.G. McGlothern


Not Alone April 13, 2012

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For today’s blog faithful readers, I thank you for visiting my website… www.mamaneedsarefill.com to read, http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com/2012/04/fridays-free-refill-support/.



Monday’s Random Thought: Not Over April 9, 2012

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Last night I was ready for Easter to be over, so I thought. Mentally spun around from family dynamics at our annual Easter dinner gathering at my mom’s house, on our drive home, I was already making mental plans to head out of town next year and skip the whole family shindig.

Walking this morning I discovered brightly colored chalk drawings on the sidewalk wishing me and all passerbies a “Happy Easter.” My kids used to do that. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk, wish strangers a Happy Something, invite them without words, to play, by leaving their hopscotch game drawn on the pavement.  This morning I was the one receiving an invitation.

Then I looked up and saw more Easter evidence. The Olympic Mountains were out and the Puget Sound was waiting for me to get closer and have a gaze, to rest in her beauty.

Easter, all religious holidays really, often leave us relieved when they are over because of the messiness and realness they bring up, particularly in relationships.

Instead of being glad the day is over I am being reminded that I can always keep the good parts of Easter… time with my kids, conversations with friends, loving text messages, support from my husband, the beautiful warm day, to name just a few,  in my heart and learn and grow from the messy and uncomfortable parts.  For without the painful parts there would be no life, no resurrection of my heart. No rebirth. And as evidenced on my walk we are surrounded by rebirth…just look at the trees, the sky, the ground and yes the relationships in your life…all bursting forth with little reminders.

by J.G. McGlothern



Good Friday April 6, 2012

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We walk up two by two

To kiss, kneel, bow, touch

We give reverence

In our own beautiful way

Gestures of love

Gestures of gratitude

Giving thanks

We remember.


A ten-foot cross carved from two logs

Sturdy, thick, chiseled with care

I offer my hand, kneel with bowed head

Return to my pew


I take in others’ movements of grace

A kiss

Knelt beside

Head bowed

A touch.


I see the elderly man move slowly

Feet guided by his cane and wife.

Leaning forward, unsteady

He kisses the smooth wood

As if he were kissing the feet of Jesus.


Tears wet my cheeks

I catch my breath

This elderly man

Married to my mother

Loves Jesus even more than he loves his wife

And he would give his life for her.

2007-J.G. McGlothern


Hard to believe I wrote this five years ago. My step-dad has been gone from this world for over a year now. We are all carrying our own crosses, looking for light and finding it when we let go. My prayer for you, my wish, my intention…is that during this Easter Season you find a bit of joy. It’s there, down deep in your heart, you just have to be open to finding it.

If you are up for more…check out today’s blog on my website… www.mamaneedsarefill.com, http://www.mamaneedsarefill.com/2012/04/fridays-free-refill-one-scare/.