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Monday’s Random Thought: Not Over April 9, 2012

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Last night I was ready for Easter to be over, so I thought. Mentally spun around from family dynamics at our annual Easter dinner gathering at my mom’s house, on our drive home, I was already making mental plans to head out of town next year and skip the whole family shindig.

Walking this morning I discovered brightly colored chalk drawings on the sidewalk wishing me and all passerbies a “Happy Easter.” My kids used to do that. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk, wish strangers a Happy Something, invite them without words, to play, by leaving their hopscotch game drawn on the pavement.  This morning I was the one receiving an invitation.

Then I looked up and saw more Easter evidence. The Olympic Mountains were out and the Puget Sound was waiting for me to get closer and have a gaze, to rest in her beauty.

Easter, all religious holidays really, often leave us relieved when they are over because of the messiness and realness they bring up, particularly in relationships.

Instead of being glad the day is over I am being reminded that I can always keep the good parts of Easter… time with my kids, conversations with friends, loving text messages, support from my husband, the beautiful warm day, to name just a few,  in my heart and learn and grow from the messy and uncomfortable parts.  For without the painful parts there would be no life, no resurrection of my heart. No rebirth. And as evidenced on my walk we are surrounded by rebirth…just look at the trees, the sky, the ground and yes the relationships in your life…all bursting forth with little reminders.

by J.G. McGlothern



2 Responses to “Monday’s Random Thought: Not Over”

  1. Jill Says:

    Love staying in touch with you by reading your interesting missives.

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