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Monday’s Random Thought: Lost July 16, 2012

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I have spent a lot of time recently getting lost. That happens to me in July.

Swim and dive meets in unfamiliar locations that even stump GPS and Map Quest find me circling, scratching my head, cussing here and there, more circling.

Getting lost throws you off track not only for the obvious reason of being late, but it tips you off balance as you are no longer grounded to what you know.

Last week it was my ten year old daughter who got me back on track when we were having difficulty finding a swim club. I had used up all of my Girl Scout skills and all the rules I knew were no longer working. I surrendered and let her call out directions from the back seat.

Take a breath, mama, offered my eight year old son. Let’s just pull over and breathe first.

Mom, I got this. Go back where the one guy who gave directions told you to go, but go right instead of left, instructed road savvy daughter.

Another breath, mama, spoke wise son.

(Little shits, they were stealing my lines and solving the problem.)

These kids, these wonderful little shits, took the tools I had taught them and helped me find my way. When I forgot what to do next and was totally bewildered, they took the lead.  And I let them.  As they lead me out of my lost moment they found new strengths deep in their pockets. We found the pool. I remembered how it feels to be calm. Laughter filled the car once again.

We continued forward, not shaken from being lost. Just more aware of how getting lost now and then is exactly what you need to be grounded. To find your way to exactly where you need to be.

 by J.G. McGlothern


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